Thứ Hai, Tháng Ba 27, 2017


Everyone is trying to live right. Really! It is true. If we did not try to live right, and always made mistakes and committed sins, bad consequences would have happened. When we made mistakes, others would look down on us, or even worse, we might have been punished by law, leading us to a miserable live. And speaking of religious beliefs, the law of Cause and Effect will always govern and direct our lives. The retribution will come to us in many afterlives “As ye sow, so shall ye reap”.

Thơ Sư Phụ

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People usually ask the following questions: “What is the purpose of this life?” the worst answer is that: “We must survive to avoid death”, it means that this person could do anything, even evil things, as long as they could live. This belief is very dangerous. However, if the mindset is not too average, and we have knowledge and good values, and we would not accept the above belief, our purpose in life is to find happiness.


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