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CA DAO MỚI – st: Nhật Thiện Tâm (tt)

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People usually ask the following questions: “What is the purpose of this life?” the worst answer is that: “We must survive to avoid death”, it means that this person could do anything, even evil things, as long as they could live. This belief is very dangerous. However, if the mindset is not too average, and we have knowledge and good values, and we would not accept the above belief, our purpose in life is to find happiness.

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“It is still not enough!” is a statement to remind us every day that whenever we do something for others; or we rush to complete any work, and often think that should be enough… then it is the wrong thinking. It is really still not enough. It means we are not wise. People who are intelligent would never feel enough with what they have done, and achieved.

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In the preface of Lotus Sutra, it is said that when the aura of Buddha appeared, the assembly relied on the power and the aura of Buddha to see countless realms of other Buddhas in the universe, in which Buddha and Bodhisattva were preaching to sentient beings, drawing very beautiful pictures. The aura of the Shakyamuni Buddha shocked all the realms it reached. Buddhas of those realms sent their attendants to this Saha world to visit and pay homage to Shakyamuni Buddha. Among those greetings, there was a question, "It is said that beings of this Saha world are very stubborn. Is it difficult for you to teach them?"



"Animal" is a lower tier than human, "Human" is ourselves, and "Saints" are holy people. When we compare these three forms of beings, we know that we will take the path of Saint, not the path of Animal.

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